Thanks to long-term mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, VKT provides its customers with the best price. This, as well as an individual approach and thoughtful delivery, which ensures one hundred percent safety of products, makes VKT an optimal partner for trade enterprises of any format. 


Regional distribution and logistics leader

The VKT assortment includes more than 5,500 items and provides coverage of up to 80% of goods on the shelves of almost any store in 40 product categories. We have the best prices and flexible system of discounts. VKT specialists will develop an individual plan of promotions and incentive programs that will interest your customers and increase the traffic of your outlets. 

Maximum delivery coverage

VKT promptly delivers products to the most inaccessible retail outlets thanks to a network of branches and 11 representative offices of the company in the Volga and Central Federal Districts. The total area of ​​our cross-docking sites is over 26,000 m². 

One vehicle delivery

VKT delivers groupage orders by one car. This optimizes unloading saves time and resources for your point of sale. In our fleet there are more than 200 specialized vehicles with separate compartments for transportation of products with different storage temperatures. You can be sure about the safety of your groupage cargo.

Minimum order amount

A well-established logistics system, supply volumes and a wide geography are the reasons why it is not a problem for us to deliver the smallest order. We will simply optimize one of our routes for you.

Fast individual order processing

The VKT service center processes any order in just 20 minutes and delivers it within 24 hours. Each of our clients is provided a personal manager to whom you can transfer the order in the most convenient way.

Own quality laboratory

VKT guarantees high quality of products and controls it from the moment the goods arrive from the manufacturer to the distribution center until the moment they are delivered to the outlet. Be 100% sure of the goods quality. On the way from the manufacturer to the counter the goods will not lose either in quality or in appearance. 


5000 ITEMS

Grocery · Frozen products · Sausages  · Confectionery · Dairy products · Canned vegetables · Edible fats · Canned fish  · Snacks · Juice, water, kvass · Tea, coffee, cocoa · Baby food

OUR partners

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Grocery · Frozen products  · Sausages ·  Confectionery · Dairy products  · Canned vegetables ·  Edible fats · Canned fish  · Snacks ·  Juice, water, kvass · Tea, coffee, cocoa  · Baby food