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A leader in regional distribution and logistics 

We can offer competitive prices and flexible pricing for our customers.

More than 5,500 items of range

280 regional, federal and multinational manufacturing companies and 620 brands – that’s what gives us the opportunity provide up to 80% of the goods your store needs

Wide geography of delivery

VKT delivers products to the most distant outlets thanks to branch network – the central distribution center and 11 company branches in the Volga and Central Federal Districts with more than 26,000 m² storage facilities and cross-docking stocks.

Own fleet and one-car delivery

More than 400 specialized vehicles of various carrying capacities, including those with separate compartments for transporting products with different temperature storage conditions.

Small application amount

We can even deliver a small application due to the size of our company, and our car is probably already driving along the route close to your store.

Speed ​​and accuracy of fulfilling the application

We fulfilling the application effectively and efficiently both in quantity and quality within 24 hours thanks to the coordinated work of all divisions, including service center created specifically for processing requests of our customers.

Own trademark – attractive prices for high quality products

This is an opportunity for our partners not only to expand the range, but also to attract customers with the lowest price for the most popular product categories.

One supplier for the entire chain is the perfect solution for chain stores

VKT can serve as a distribution center, and also offers its partners a number of additional services, such as the «Trust Acceptance» project, which was created to increase the efficiency and efficiency of unloading machines at retail outlets.

«Quality Laboratory» Project 

We guarantee high quality of products and control it from the moment the goods arrive at the distribution center until they are delivered to the outlet, observing the “cold chain”.

Marketing events

Promotions and incentive programs to increase sales efficiency are a pleasant addition that all our customers enjoy using.

Own trademarks

Exclusive TM «Ecomark» 

This is a new concept for the food market. Natural ingredients, bright eco-friendly packaging, affordable price and the highest quality make ECOMARK products the first item on the shopping list of those who care about healthy nutrition.

ECOMARK products are artificial colors, genetically modified organisms and soybeans free – they contain only natural ingredients. Convenient packaging with with intuitive icons and the most important information helps to save the customer’s time and get the most out of shopping experience. 

Calculations of nutritional value and calorie content from the daily norm have already been carried out for each product of the brand, so the choice of a tasty and high-quality product has become very simple.

Own trademark «Pravilny Vybor» (The Right choice)

Own trademark «Pravilny Vybor» is a trademark that combines the interests of three parties – manufacturer, distributor and store.

The project was created in order to effectively compete with large federal chain stores to which many buyers go specifically for the first-price own trademark products.

More than 110 stock keeping units have already been developed and introduced.Further expansion of the assortment is planned on the basis of proposals from our partners – both manufacturers and stores.

Why own trademark is profitable?

The absence of producer costs for advertising and marketing significantly reduces the cost of goods while maintaining quality.

Own trademark «Pravilny Vybor» means: 

— high turnover goods

— socially significant goods

— promising products in terms of marketing

— «Anchor goods» which attract and retain customers to the outlet

Regional operations

Our logistic structure in 12 regions of Russia


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