Saving the food is only half the job. They also have to be delivered as they came out of production. That’s definitely the strength of WCL. Our transport fleet has trucks with compartments in which different temperature regimes can be installed. And the WCT route network allows to deliver to your shop even the most compact cargo — because if it is about our partners, we are always on the way.

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Ответственное хранение ВКТ

  Our storage warehouse has a convenient geographical location: it is located in Nizhny Novgorod, at the intersection of the Moscow and Komsomol highways, near the route of federal significance M7 (Moscow-Vladimir-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan-Ufa).

  Many enterprises require logistics. Transportation, purchase or lease of the warehouse, maintenance of the warehouse, hiring of personnel for the back-up — these simple processes for the company are very expensive. It is much easier and more profitable to use the warehouse services of responsible storage. When leasing a warehouse for storage, the company saves itself many expenses: construction, equipment, hiring of personnel, etc. Warehousing is delegated to the 3 PL operator, and the business owner can concentrate entirely on business processes.

  VKT delivers cargo by its own road transport. 3 PL logistics, or in other words third-party logistics, involves a company transferring some non-core business processes to another organization that provides complex warehousing services, freight forwarding services, etc.

   Outsourcing allows business owners to concentrate on their core business and save considerable money (there is no need to invest in the purchase of trucks, construction and maintenance of a warehouse). High-quality and fast logistics helps to expand the range of sales, helps to launch a new project/product quickly and at the proper level, minimizing possible risks. 

  Specialists of the Nizhny Novgorod Logistics Company develop regular and individual schemes of freight transportation, are engaged in optimizing work with suppliers.

Грузоперевозки ВКТ
КроссДокинг ВКТ

  Cross-docking (end-to-end warehousing) is a complex of operations for receiving and dispatching cargo directly through a distribution centre without placing it in a long-term     storage area. 

  There is one-stage and two-stage docking. In the first case, the goods pass through the warehouse as a separate, fixed order, followed by delivery to the consignee or through commercial networks. In the second case, after shipment, the bulk consignment is re-arranged, the goods are divided into separate shipments in accordance with the customer’s requirements and only then dispatched. Both schemes exclude long-term storage of the cargo in a warehouse.

  Private entrepreneurs, and especially those engaged in the manufacture and sale of a variety of products, need to pack their goods. In order to complete this task, it is necessary to find personnel, premises and special equipment, all of which are additional costs. In addition, packaging is a rather complex process from a production point of view, which must be handled by experienced specialists.

  The goods are presented in different packaging types depending on their type and destination. Once it has been delivered to the warehouse, specialists analyse its characteristics and select a suitable packaging method (automatic or manual). After packaging, labelling is mandatory.

Фасовка ВКТ


Ответственное хранение ВКТ

Safekeeping storage

Грузоперевозки ВКТ

Cargo transportation

Кросс-докинг ВКТ


Фасовка ВКТ



Logistics for online stores


Wide geography of delivery

VKT delivers products to the most distant outlets thanks to branch network – the central distribution center and 11 company branches in the Volga and Central Federal Districts with more than 26,000 m² storage facilities and cross-docking stocks.

Own fleet and one-car delivery

More than 400 specialized vehicles of various carrying capacities, including those with separate compartments for transporting products with different temperature storage conditions.

Latest equipment 

80 units of warehouse equipment. 120 workstations.

Railway line

Own railway line with the possibility of simultaneous loading and unloading of three railcars.

Карта склада ВКТ

Distribution Center Scheme

Covered railway ramp

Dry warehouse

Dry warehouse

Regional operations

Our logistic structure in 12 regions of Russia


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