Saving food is half the battle. They also need to be delivered in the form in which they left production. This is definitely the strong point of VKT. Our transport fleet has trucks with compartments, in each of which you can set the temperature regime required for different products. And the VKT route network allows you to deliver even the smallest cargo to your store — after all, if we are talking about our partners, we are always on the way.


Wide delivery area

VKT delivers products to the most remote retail outlets thanks to a network of branches, which includes a central distribution center and 11 representative offices of the company in the Volga and Central federal districts. Our warehouse capacity together with cross-docking sites is over 26,000 m². VKT has 80 units of warehouse equipment and 120 workstations at its disposal. 

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

By delegating the 3PL warehouse management to the VKT operator you can fully concentrate on the core business processes. We guarantee the delivery and safety of your product and ready to distribute your cargo among our machines in order to organize quickly delivery to the maximum possible number of outlets. 

Exclusive railway line

The only own railway line in the city of Nizhny Novgorod with possibility of simultaneous loading/unloading of three wagons.

Own vehicle fleet

VKT’s own vehicle fleet includes more than 400 specialized vehicles of various carrying capacities, including those with separate compartments for transporting products with different storage temperatures. 

Safe storage

The VKT distribution warehouse is equipped with a three-level access control and management system, round-the-clock video surveillance, modern fire safety and ventilation systems. 

Packing service

After arriving at the VKT distribution center, your cargo can be packaged in the most optimal way – automatically or manually, and marked.


37 unloading windows for fast order processing.

Automated warehouse management system and customer data exchange (WMS), which provides real time automation of business process management and data synchronization.

8 functional zones for storing various types of cargo at temperatures from -18 ° C to +18 ° C.

More than 80 units of modern, reliable, specialized electrical equipment.

Distribution center map